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At Anchor we are committed to responsible energy management, reducing energy costs for our customers and minimising our environmental impact.

Buying power

Winning Energy Buyer of the Year in both 2010 and 2012, Anchor have a proven track record of achieving substantial savings for our customers on their gas and electricity bills.
The Anchor Energy TeamWe are committed to tackling fuel poverty and ensure we buy gas and electricity at the best possible price for the older people living with us. In line with our award-winning energy purchasing strategy, we continuously review our energy supply contracts and tariffs, closely monitor the energy markets and always purchase in a timely and cost effective manner.

Reducing waste

As an environmentally aware organisation, Anchor also work to encourage more energy and water efficient lifestyles and business practices. We have an enthusiastic network of colleagues, the Anchor Bright Sparks, who help to raise environmental awareness within their teams. Working with our customer forums to look for new ways to reduce energy consumption and waste across our services, the Bright Sparks devise practical tips for better energy management for both our customers and staff to use in their day to day lives, and promote recycling. For ideas of easy changes you can start making today for little or no-cost and that will make a significant difference to your energy bills, see our Top 20 energy saving tips page.

Energy efficient technology

Anchor endeavour to continually improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, fixtures and fittings. We conduct regular site energy audits to ensure we comply with green legislation and implement new energy efficient technologies where possible. Energy efficiency is a key consideration when carrying out refurbishment projects; we upgrade windows and insulation, and install automatic heating control and energy efficient lighting systems as standard.

Anchor's West Hall care homeEnergy efficiency is also included in the design brief for all our new developments. Since opening in 2012, West Hall, our new flagship care home in West Byfleet, has been recognised for using a range of new green technologies. The installation of an environmentally-friendly ground source heat pump heating system, solar panels, and even the orientation of the buildings all contribute to the overall efficiency of the home.

Travelling smart

By travelling smarter, our staff help to reduce Anchor’s impact on the environment and minimise the cost of delivering services to our customers. Our TravelSmart initiative has seen staff commit to planning their journeys better, booking train tickets well in advance and car-sharing wherever possible to reduce our spend on travel and accommodation and also curtail our carbon emissions. As an organisation we also utilise telephone conferencing wherever possible, removing the need for unnecessary travel and freeing up time so that we can be more productive.


We ensure we dispose of waste in a responsible and safe manner and focus on re-using and maximising recycling where possible. Anchor’s housing developments and care homes explore all opportunities for recycling and engage with local council and community recycling initiatives to minimise unnecessary waste.


Anchor have won a number of awards for our energy policies over the last few years, including:

  • Energy Buyer of the Year 2012 - The GSH Energy Awards
  • Sustainable Housing Partnership of the Year - Sustainable Housing Awards (finalist)
  • Energy Buyer of the Year 2010 - Energy Buying and Supplying Excellence Awards
  • Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year 2009 - Sustainable Housing Awards

You can find out more on our Awards page.